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Sale on Rixty Codes at instaGC

Right now over at there is a sale on Rixty gift card codes. You can get a $10 code for only 900 points, that is a savings of 10% off the normal price. You don’t use money to buy the codes, you use points and you gain the points for free. Some of the easy ways to gain these free points are by watching short videos, visiting websites, giving your opinion on a product as well as trying mobile apps and other fun free stuff.

Rixty Codes on Sale

Rixty Codes on Sale

You can use a computer or mobile device on Registration is a fast free process, the website is secure and has a great reputation and is ranked very high on the premier source for the best sites to get paid from. I have been using it since 2011, it’s great to get the Rixty codes instantly, you can also choose from an additional 100+ choices of gift cards to all the popular retailers, places like amazon and Ebay too.

Some members prefer to just get cash, and you can do that on , you can get instant payments via PayPal or get a check in the mail or direct deposit.

If you are looking for ways to get free Rixty codes, or to make money online in general, there is no better place than

How to get free Rixty

You can top up your Rixty account with free codes available from select online rewards sites.  These sites are free to join and you get the free Rixty codes by redeeming points. You get the points by using the rewards site , there are many free ways to get points, like watching videos, listening to internet radio, searching the web, visiting websites and much more.

Lets start off this first post by talking about two of my favorite rewards sites to get free Rixty. The first one has been around for many years and has everything you want in a great rewards site, like daily surveys, videos,internet radio,games,offer walls, contests and promotions. The site is , they have great support, send your Rixty Code to you fast and is easy to use, you can even see your points credit you in real time via the shoutbox that menbers can use to communicate with others in the community.

The next site i want to ralk about is This rewards site to get free Rixty codes also has 90 other codes to choose from and all are given to you instantly upon redeeming your points. Points are easy to earn and some of the most popular ways are watching videos, visiting websites,search and win,daily surveys and crowdflower tasks. Joining is a painless free experience.

We know you will love both of these sites to get free Rixty. There is no fees, they are easy to join and use and they pay their members promptly without hassles. We here at Get Free Rixty have used both sites for years, it doesn’t get any better than these,, We love em!